Journeying together through life's meaningful moments.

stonesOur Society was established in 1982 to provide emotional care to the dying and those affected by loss. We complement, and work collaboratively with, the hospice residence within Peace Arch Hospital which currently holds seven beds. This residence, funded through tax dollars by the Health Authority, provides medical and physical care: pain and symptom management. Our Society continues to provide practical, emotional and spiritual care both in this residence and the community.

With both an expanding aging and urban population, the Provincial Government has directed the Health Authority to double the current number of hospice beds by 2020. As such, a new 15 bed hospice residence will be created in our community and will require our Hospice Society’s respective growth.

We currently have 367 active volunteers who annually provide over 28,400 hours of unpaid service, as well as 1,433 hours of clinical counselling. We operate within a dilapidated and unsafe facility of approx. 2,200 sq ft which we long ago outgrew. In 2015 alone, we directly served 1,600 clients and reached an additional 627 community members through educational outreach.

Through the construction of our new Supportive Care Centre, we can fulfill current and future needs to

  • Offer a safe and secure building and increased client privacy,
  • Provide programs, services and training to meet growing community needs through adequate and accessible space,
  • Introduce a dedicated children and youth program area,
  • Improve space management for optimal use of programs,
  • Ensure that our funding is used for programs as opposed to ongoing repairs and maintenance, and
  • Provide all of the above without incurring any debt.

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White Rock South Surrey Hospice Society
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